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We use refined lead ingots for manufacturing, where we maintain the quality of the product. These refined lead ingots are tested with Optical Emission Photo Spectrophotometer which shows accuracy levels of elements up to 5 decimal of accuracy.We manufacture all the products according to the clients requirement and specification with strict quality policy.

Pure Lead

Pure Lead Ingots are produced from Raw Lead Bullions/ Remelted Lead Ingots/ Secondary Lead Ingots / Lead Scraps through Pyro Metallurgical process. Our refining process produces Pure Lead Ingots with a purity level of 99.97%

Lead Oxide

Lead is melted in a Melting Pot and is pumped into the Reaction pot, where the exothermic reaction of converting Lead to Lead Oxide takes place.In our plant we produce lead oxide, which guarantees impeccable quality and pristine purity. The manufacturing of Lead oxide is strictly controlled by our team of quality controllers to ensure purity at each stage of manufacturing.

Lead Selenium Alloy

Lead selenium alloys possess great conductivity, high tensile strength and great grid density. They exhibit good resistance towards corrosion thereby eliminating inter-granular corrosion. We manufacture highly quality Lead Selenium Alloy for the use of battery manufacturers across India.

Lead Antimonial Alloy

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Lead Antimonial alloy which finds its extensive usage in the production of batteries. Besides we also have in our quality testing lab, a computerized spectrophotometer that tests our entire range for high metal content and accurate composition.

Lead Tin Alloy

We manufacture Lead Tin Alloy which is manufactured in compliance with set industrial standards. These Tin Alloys are available in varied specifications to meet the client’s requirement.